Understanding Value

Recognise, Realise, Report, Repeat

The inherent value is in the connections.

Businesses exist to create value.

There are customers to be acquired, sales to be made, efficiencies to be identified, partners to be enabled, channels to be created, and data to be mined. But these come with a caveat.

It’s cheaper to keep, than acquire customers. Sales need to grow in both frequency and value. Efficiencies must be gained, and maintained. Ecosystems established to enable partners. Channels must make sense, and curation is key. Data, once mined, must be monetised.

The API Practice helps drive the successful transformation of business by leveraging the developmental and governance excellence needed to connect businesses in a way that's convenient, consistent, scalable, and, most importantly, secure.

The ability to respond to opportunities, threats and change is paramount. The ease and speed in which a business can make these connections will influence development, delivery and security, as well as help realise the hidden value in the business.

The What’s and Why’s of APIs

Businesses exist to create value for shareholders, and there's unrealised value everywhere.

A "Smartphone" without a connection has no more value than a clock at worst, and a camera at best.

The ability of your teams to work independently of each other accelerates time to value.