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David Yonan

Strategist, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

David established The API Practice in October 2017 to focus on delivering API Programs directly with clients, and to continue to work strategically with Apigee and thier partners.

Providing thought leadership and expertise on a range of topics including agile delivery, process optimisation, governance, program federation, and requirements gathering and documentation practices, David is available for deployment on engagements ranging from days to months.

With a passion for innovation, process optimisation, and product development, David is also developing the Interflow API Program Management platform which will empower buisnesses to consistently deliver consistent, high quality outputs with speed, at scale.

I'll do whatever it takes to ensure my clients are successful!

Formerly a Program Manager / Digital Engagement Lead on Google's Apigee Platform, David gained significant international experience working on 23 engagments with clients in 11 countries.

As a part of the DEL team, David was responsible for creation of content, best practice, and process which continues to be used by Apigee consultants, clients and partners globally.

David's engagement profile whilst at Apigee / Google:

  • Telco x 9
  • Banking and Finance x 4
  • Govt x 2
  • Insurance x 2
  • Healthcare x 2
  • Auto
  • Utilities
  • Diversified Industrial
  • Software

Area of Expertise

With a strong focus on agile methodologies, David works with engineers and architects to educate customers on API Program best practices for both new and established teams.

  • Strategy

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Project Delivery

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