Apigee Program Delivery

The Apigee Partner with Unrivaled Experience

No one in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, or the Middle East has more experience delivering API Programs on the Apigee platform than David Yonan.

The API Practice is the perfect Apigee partner for organisations looking to kick off, or kick start their API program on the Apigee platform.

With extensive knowledge and a compelling perspective, The API Practice has developed proprietary new tools and processes which empower "the business", support delivery teams and promote "user first" thinking.

Led by David Yonan, Google's sole Digital Engagement Lead (DEL) for ANZ, Asia and the Middle East, The API Practice is uniquely positioned to deliver programs on the Apigee Platform.

As an integral part of the Apigee DEL team David brings significant and diverse international experience spanning 23 engagements in 11 countries. David was responsible for program delivery, client and partner enablement, and the creation of content, processes, and best practices which continue to be used globally.

David's engagement profile whilst at Apigee / Google:

  • Telco x 9
  • Banking and Finance x 4
  • Govt x 2
  • Insurance x 2
  • Healthcare x 2
  • Auto
  • Utilities
  • Diversified Industrial
  • Software

The What’s and Why’s of APIs

Businesses exist to create value for shareholders, and there's unrealised value everywhere.

A "Smartphone" without a connection has no more value than a clock at worst, and a camera at best.

The ability of your teams to work independently of each other accelerates time to value.

Interflow - Enterprise Enablement