PoC, Pilot, Prod

Independence is integral to agility

The ability of your front-end and back-end teams to work independently of each other accelerates time to value, and can allow the largest organisations to innovate and iterate with the agility of the leanest start ups.

Decoupling your systems of record from your systems of engagement during development cycles represents the opportunities to deliver at their own cadence, so long as there is clear lines of communication, regular sessions to ensure alignment, and good governance practices in place.

PoC’s using mocks

Leverage mocked data to decouple front end and back end services.

This removes dependencies between teams to allow rapid development of prototypes to validate or invalidate concepts.

Teams need to ensure clear channels of communication when changes are implemented which could impact other teams consuming services.

Pilot’s using Micro Services

The ease and availability of cloud services allows you to quickly and easily spin up Microservices to further demonstrate functionality.

Microservices represent excellent value in testing, validation and refinement of all aspects of your solution, form Systems of Engagement, to your Systems of record.

The ability to "test at scale" before services are available on integration or production environments can generate valuable insights which are supported by data.

Production using Existing Infrastructure

Scale and integrate to the wider business,

Or consider keeping, scaling and hardening the micro services to incrementally transform your underlying architecture.

The What’s and Why’s of APIs

Businesses exist to create value for shareholders, and there's unrealised value everywhere.

A "Smartphone" without a connection has no more value than a clock at worst, and a camera at best.

The ability of your teams to work independently of each other accelerates time to value.