About The API Practice

KTB Consultants (our personal pet hate)

“OK, here’s what you need to do”
Thanks, for the cheque”
Bye, not our problem”

Many consultants have a justified reputation for this type of thing. We strive to be different.

Of course being a business means we need to strike a balance between revenue and billability, but by showing we care about our clients - and committing to outcomes, we hope to shatter this mould, and build a reputation for professional service and trusted advisor status.

If you are completely dissatisified by the service you receive from our consultants (for items which are within our control), we will refund your money.

  • Requirements and Documentation

  • Agile Delivery and Coaching

  • Developer Engagement

  • Business Value

Thoughts, Opinions and Facts

The What’s and Why’s of APIs

Businesses exist to create value for shareholders, and there's unrealised value everywhere.

A "Smartphone" without a connection has no more value than a clock at worst, and a camera at best.

The ability of your teams to work independently of each other accelerates time to value.

Interflow - Enterprise Enablement